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Indulgent  Immersions

Experience the sheer beauty and grandeur.



For an exhilarating experience, relax by the Open to Sky pool. Backyard pool at Pal Garh offers a peaceful setting and steals away your worries as you lie down on a chair and soak in the sun or take a dip.



Retreat to the billiards room and enjoy the game of billiards where the rich assortment of antique furniture and furnishings adds to its elegance.


Unwind with a choice of indulgent treatments while you are at complete ease. Spa at Pal Garh induces balmy charm and a sense of freshness. A select menu of therapies ensures to deliver the experience your mind and body demand; from reinvigorating results to cleansing scrubs and refreshing massages.




Enjoy quality time in the recreation lounge replete with miniature cars, weaponry, ancient account books and powerful artefacts.



Indulge in admiring the tricky moves of the dancers on rousing folk tunes of Rajasthan and get a chance to tap your foot on the melodious Rajasthani folk music. The colourful palate of Rajasthan comes alive when the folk artists sing and dance on the songs of bravery and chivalrous tales of Marwar.



Far from the imposing forts, rich heritage and azure street markets, a glimpse into the rural life of Jodhpur is arena of golden desert flecked with greenery leading to a small village. The village is more than just a visual treat for travellers. The people here have their own stories to tell with the traditions older than 500 years. Discover these lesser known treasures of Jodhpur with our custom made Village Safari

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