The benevolent gateway to Rajasthan’s luxury vacations

Our Heritage

The city of fascinating forts, palaces and monuments, enveloped in legendary stories; Jodhpur embraces Pal Garh within itself; the ancestral home of Pal family in this tiny hamlet known as Pal Village. Situated at a 10 minutes drive from the main city, Pal Garh takes you back into time as you walk the archways and enter this splendid retreat that welcomes the guests into its plenteous Char-Bagh gardens.


Pal Garh is more unstinting for its resplendent expanses that garner pleasure and peace of mind for the travellers. The benevolent gateway to Rajasthan’s luxury vacations away from the city, Pal Garh encompasses grand dining arcades, intriguing museums featuring a collection of weapons, cannons, treasuries, car models, artefacts, a swimming pool and baronial heritage rooms; each restored by keeping its original essence alive.


A manifestation of aesthetic vision with vivid motifs and vibrant hues

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 Pal Village, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342014

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